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The Biggest Loser is a weight loss competition open to residents in the Nutter Fort area and beyond.  This competition will last approximately four months and give participants a chance to win a portion of our $10,000 worth of prizes!  

Enter Contest 
Do you currently work out at a gym?
How did you hear about the competition?
Referred by Someone? Drop their name below!

You must complete this form AND weigh-in at Pinti Physical Therapy, no later than Thursday, March 4th to be entered into the competition.


Weigh-in dates and times are as follows, please call 622-1600 to let them know you’ll be stopping by to weigh-in:

February 22 – March 4

Monday – 12pm – 5pm

Tuesday – 8am – 1pm 

Thursday 8am – 5pm 

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